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About Ramnagar

Ramnagar is a beautiful town located in Udhampur District of Jammu and Kashmir. It is situated at a distance of 48kms from Udhampur. The picuresque location of this town will leave you astonished. About 90 % of the area in this town is forested adding to the scenic beauty of this place and acts as a lung for the entire state.  The hilly mountaineos backdrop will make you fall in love with this place all over again. It is the land where beautiful shrines of Pingla mata, choura mataji is loctaed. Ramnagar is particularly famous for Ramnagar palace and its Kalaadi.

Ramnagar in Jammu and kashmir

Tourism in Ramnagar

Ramnagar makes it to the list of places to be visited while you are in Jammu and Kashmir. There are many popular tourist spots in Ramnagar which includes Ramnagar fort, Ramnagar palace and many other shrines.Ramnagar palace is a huge complex which comprises of Sheesh mahal, Nawa mahal and Purana ahal with each mahal having its own charm. The list of shrines starts with pingla mata, Marhada mata,  chountra mata and the popular Narsinghji Mahraj temple. This place is thronged by devotees especially during navratra. Not only this, Ramnagar is also famous for Ramnagar wildlife sanctuary where you can sight Nilgai, deers and many other wild animals. The sight of Seoz glaciers in Ramnagar is not to be missed.

Geography of  Ramnagar

Ramnagar is located at longitude of  32°49'N 75°19'E and latitude of 32.82°N 75.32°E32.82. The average elevation of Ramnagar is about 828 meters above sea level. Ramnagar is surrounded by Himachal Pradesh on one side while leh ladakh borders it from the other side. This town is located in mid Himalayan range on the left bank of Mansa Devi river. Ramnagar is situated at a distance of about 40kms from Udhampur an 100 kms from Jammu. The male population in Ramnagar is about 89045 while the female population is 82170.

History of Ramnagar

Historty of Ramnagar

Ramnagar  has been  the capital of old Bandralta state. Ramnagar in mid Himalayan range during the reign of Maha Raja Ranjit Singh (A.D. 1819-39). Raja Suchet Singh (A.D 1801-1844) who was the brother of Gulab Singh of Jammu Who became the  ruler of Ramnagar in A.D 1822. Raja Suchet Singh has been a great lover of art and a indomitable General at the same time. He is the man behind the heritage structures of Ramnagar including Shish Mahal, Ramnagar fort and Purana Mahal. He died in Lahore in the year 1844 A.D. Raja Ram Singh ( A.D. 1801-84), succeeded to the throne in Ramnagar in the year A.D. 1844 followed by Raja Ranbir Singh who was his son in 1856 A.D. Raja Ranbir singh built a samadhi in the fort for Raja Suchet Singh's wife who had performed sati here after his death.

Administration in Ramnagar

The Udhampur Municipal Council takes care of adminstrative work in Ramnagar. Ramnagar has a taluka court located near the Ramnagar fort which takes care of the judicial matters in this town. Ranbir Singh Pathania from BJP is the latest Member of Parliament from Ramnagar.

Culture in Ramnagar

The culture of Ramnagar is known as Dogra culture. The main language spoken by the people here is Dogri . Dogri language is particularly known for its sweetness in tone. Some people even use Pahari language here. Gujjar Community settled in Ramnagar uses Gojri language. All the festivals including holi, Diwali and many others are celebrated with great enthusiasm. The zealous locals of ramnagar celebrate Navratras in the best way with lot of procession to the holy shrines in Ramnagar. Om Sharma ' Jandriari' has written a book which reflects the rich culture and heritages of Ramanagar. The name of the book is Bandralta darpan which is written in Dogri language.

Food in Ramnagar

Food in Ramnagar

Ramnagar is known for it ' Kalaadi' all over the state. It is nothing but ripened cheese which is made out of cow or goat's milk. Other specialities of this place includes  its Chocolate (Barfi), Golgappas(Pani Puri), Sund (panjeeri), Rajma with rice and its exotic local food - Patisa. Dogri food specialties include Khatta Maas, Ambal, Kulthein di Dal, Maa da Madra, Dal Patt,  Auriya and Rajma. You will definitely find Kayoor, and Sund for weddings.

Transportation in Ramnagar

Ramanagar is a hilly region and taxi and local buses are the most convenient local transports there. If you want to reach Ramnagar by train, then the nearest railway station to Ramnagar is Manwal which is at a distance of around 17.7 kilometer. Other railway station closer to Ramnagar includes
Udhampur railway station which is at a distance of    20.2 kilometers. The nearest airport to Ramnagar is Jammu which is located at a distance of 47 kilometres. You can then hire a taxi to reach Ramnagar.

Emergency in Ramnagar

Ramnagar is a small town and only basic emergency services are available. However for advanced services, you need to visit the nearest city. Ramnagar has only one hospital which is Chunanta hospital and one gas agency which is Narsingh gas agency. This small town also has a police station and post office, the address of which is mentioned below.

Chunanta Hospital Sweetu ,
Address: Ramnagar,
Jammu and Kashmir

Ramnagar Police Station
Phone number: 6256 - 6256 , 9431822413, 01992-227013
Address: Ramnagar
Jammu and Kashmir
Ramnagar Post office,
Phone number: 01992-270558
Address: Udhampur,
Jammu and Kashmir 182122

Narsingh Gas Agency

Phone number: +91-9419269325
Address: Close to Sheetla Mandir
Jammu And Kashmir 182122

Banks in Ramnagar

Ramnagar being a small town has only 3 banks located in vicinity.The list of banks includes One state bank of India and 2 Jammu and Kashmir banks, the address of whihc is mentioned below

State Bank Of India
Address: Dist Udhampur
Jammu And Kashmir 182122
Phone number: 01990-227722,227011
Ifsc Code: Sbin0002457
Branch Code: 002457
Micr Code: 182002141

Jammu & Kashmir Bank
Address: Gaas Mandi,
Jammu And Kashmir 182122
Phone number: 01990-227828
Ifsc Code: Jaka0ramnag
Micr Code: 182051010
Branch Code: ramnag

Jammu & Kashmir Bank
Address: Near Sheetla Mata Mandir,
Kulwanta Road,
Tehsil Ramnagar,
District Udhampur,
J& K 182122
Phone number: 9858144331
Ifsc Code: Jaka0ramnag
Micr Code: 182051026
Branch Code: ramnag

This beautiful small town in Jammu and Kashmir provides you a mix of spiritual and pleasant experience. The scenic beauty of this place will mesmerize and your body and soul will be at peace.

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